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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Yes, as a matter of fact I am a Spoiled Princess!

Well, okay, technically I am NOT a Princess. Yes I like shoes, purses, shiny jewelry, and sometimes I even wear a tiara around the house. But I know in reality that does not make me a princess. HOwever, I will freely admit that I AM spoiled.

I have my awesome husband, Steve, to blame for that factoid about me. Wait, he's not to blame. That sounds bad. Being spoiled is a GOOD thing!!! I love when he spoils me, and he spoiled me ROTTEN this weekend!!!

First: my old laptop had to be replaced. I loved my old laptop. It served me faithfully for a long time, but alas, it was old (sort of) and slowly it was dying what I am sure was a very painful death. And, boy do I mean SLOWly. It took FOREVER for anything to load, word docs, facebook, email, anything. It apparently did not like me very much either. It kept giving me the cold shoulder. It would freeze up if I tried to open more than ONE thing at a time or even if I typed too fast. LIke more than 1 word every few minutes. SO after much cursing on my part and lots of his time spent working on it, off we go to buy a new one. So now I have a new laptop. (Don't ask me what kind it is, I don't know. It is a Toshiba, and it's silver (kind of sparkly and shiny) and it's FASTER than my old computer. That's all I know. HOnest.) (Justification: I NEED it for work. I do EVERYTHING on my laptop except play games. It's a necessity. This should not count as spoiling me.)

Second: My honey also bought me an early anniversary present. I have a new alarm clock!!! OoOoohhhh doesn't that sound exciting and romantic??? Laugh all you want, I know it's not diamonds or jewelry or even a big giant metal chicken (which btw my friend NEEDS very badly). But it exactly what I wanted. Fits on my bedside table, has a docking station for my ipod, and is loud enough to wake me up AND not so bright as to keep me from sleeping. I'm excited. Even if I don't show it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

Third: I am not feeling well this weekend. Stupid ear hurts, which makes my stupid tooth hurt, which makes my stupid head hurt. After shopping with me for my laptop and clock, my sweetie drops me off at the Lake After Hours Clinic!!! AND he even offers to come back and pick me up!!! Now, before the husband bashing begins, let me explain: I did NOT require him to stay as I was not deathly ill. While I was getting my ear looked at, he went to the grocery store, and did some other minor errands he needed to take care of. I texted him when I was done, and he came and picked me up. See Good hubby!!! If that's not enough, he bought me strawberries, grapes, and other assorted fruit at the grocery store.

FOurth: He spent all evening getting my new laptop up and running. WOOOHOO!!! He knew I needed to do some things for school this weekend, so he made sure that I was able to complete them.

Fifth: He cooked dinner for me!! Fried shrimp and fries. AND he did the dishes!!!!

Lastly, he puts up with my stupid computer questions, my whining about my head hurting, and he still managed to hug and kiss me before he left for work today. :)

I know I am spoiled. But I am WORTH IT!!!

Now I need to find him an awesome anniversary present. I wonder if he would like a giant metal chicken in our backyard?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my random thoughts

It's one of those days when my brain bounces ideas around in my head so fast that I feel like I have ADD but only in my head. I don't stop what I am doing, I don't get up and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. But my mind is constantly jumping from one random thought to the other, with no rhyme or reason: It kind of goes a little something like this: (silently in my head, it's like a running conversation with myself!)

Oh, I need to dust the tv in my craft room. Geez, look how thick that dust is. Oh look tic tacs. Where did these come from? Why are they beside my tv? Oh yeah I sat them there when I changed purses. I like the colors in the tic tac box (green/yellow/red/pink). I need to scrapbook something and use those colors. Shoot, I need to clean my scrapbook table off so I can scrap this weekend. Then I can watch tv. I haven't watched tv in 3 days. I can't scrapbook this weekend, I have things to do for work first. CRAP!! I don't wanna go back to work Monday. I need to make my grocery list for next week so I can go tomorrow. ooooooohhhhh I LOVE This song... I need to be on the beach now. I want a drink with a little umbrella. I need a