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Thursday, August 4, 2011

my random thoughts

It's one of those days when my brain bounces ideas around in my head so fast that I feel like I have ADD but only in my head. I don't stop what I am doing, I don't get up and run around like a chicken with my head cut off. But my mind is constantly jumping from one random thought to the other, with no rhyme or reason: It kind of goes a little something like this: (silently in my head, it's like a running conversation with myself!)

Oh, I need to dust the tv in my craft room. Geez, look how thick that dust is. Oh look tic tacs. Where did these come from? Why are they beside my tv? Oh yeah I sat them there when I changed purses. I like the colors in the tic tac box (green/yellow/red/pink). I need to scrapbook something and use those colors. Shoot, I need to clean my scrapbook table off so I can scrap this weekend. Then I can watch tv. I haven't watched tv in 3 days. I can't scrapbook this weekend, I have things to do for work first. CRAP!! I don't wanna go back to work Monday. I need to make my grocery list for next week so I can go tomorrow. ooooooohhhhh I LOVE This song... I need to be on the beach now. I want a drink with a little umbrella. I need a

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  1. What?? That's how it sounds in my head EVERY day!! ADD rocks!!